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Solid Waste Advisory Commission

About the Commission

The Solid Waste Advisory Commission (SWAC) is established to provide community input, guidance, and advice to the County Executive and County Council on matters relating to solid waste management within the county. Members of the Commission review and offer recommendations on the ten-year solid waste management plan; investigate and prepare fiscal impact statements and make recommendations on systematic programs and alternative methods, both public and private, for storage, collection, transportation, processing, disposal and resource recovery of solid waste, including sludge.


Current Commissioners:

  1. Nancy J. Meyer - Chair
  2. Barbara Sollner -Webb - Vice Chair
  3. Charles L. Renninger - Member
  4. David C. Brosch - Member
  5. Mouhaman S. Kola - Member
  6. Jonathan P. Madagu - Member
  7. Na’ilah J. Dawkins - Member
  8. Bill L. Walmsley- Member


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Agendas are available before the meetings.

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Recordings of Meetings

Recorded video sessions are uploaded on a regular basis to our YouTube playlist (@pgcsprout).