Aging Advisory Committee


The Prince George’s County Advisory Committee on Aging is comprised of 24 members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council to advise them on issues related to aging. The members are citizen leaders representing the public and private community whose mission is to support and advocate the promotion of choice, independence and dignity for all older Prince Georgian’s and their families.


The Advisory Committee on Aging has oversight of all aging programs, including review of the Aging Area Plan, to ensure that the goals and objectives are met and reflect the needs of seniors residing in Prince George’s County.
Aging Advisory

Regular Meetings

No meeting Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Meetings will resume Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 9200 Basil Court, Room 410 at 4:00 PM. Meetings are held throughout the year to discuss issues and concerns relating to seniors in Prince George’s County, and are open to the public. For additional information regarding meeting dates and locations call 301-265-8478.

Board Members

  • Patricia C. Fletcher - Chair
  • Kofi Impraim - Vice Chair
  • Suzanne Van Nuys - Secretary
  • Ginny C. Lee - Assistant Secretary
  • Mary H. Budd
  • Carolyn Butler
  • Jacqueline Byrd, Esquire
  • Gwendolyn A. Drummond
  • Selma Robertson Lacewell
  • James R. Lyles Sr.
  • Frederica Maguire
  • Dr. Christine Omole
  • Christal Batey-Parker
  • Dorothy Powell-Allen
  • Agnes Diane Williams

Other Representation

  • Elana T. Belon-Butler, Director, Department of Family Services
  • Theresa M. Grant, Division Manager, Aging and Disabilities Services Division
  • Karen Sylvester, Division Manager, Aging Services Division
  • Cathy Stasny, Unit Manager, Aging Services Division
  • Joann Carnathan, Unit Manager, Aging Services Division

More Information

If you have questions, contact Joann Carnathan at 301-265-8478.