Renewal Process

Renewal Applications are due in the Board of License Commissioner's Office by the dates listed below.
- Class A Renewal Applications due on or before March 1st.
- Class B Renewal Applications are due on or before April 1st. 
- Class C and D Renewal Applications are due on or before May 1st.

All applications are required to be accompanied by affidavit for each licensee and stockholder,the appropriate fee, a Certificate of Good Standing and a current unexpired copy of the alcohol awareness certificate. Pursuant to the Alcoholic Beverage Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland the Board will not accept a renewal application unless all City, County and State Taxes are current.

The Board of License Commissioners is requiring all licensees and stockholders to receive a criminal history check for the 2018-2019 Renewal.

Class C Renewal Application must be accompanied Class C Substitution of Corporate Officer Form if the officers change.

More information can be obtained through the link located under related documents.