Voter Registration


All residents of Prince George’s County may register to vote if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must be a Maryland resident
  • At least 16 years of age (you may register to vote at 16 but cannot vote until at least 18 years of age by the date of the next general or special election)  
  • Are not under guardianship for mental disability or if you are, have not been found by a court to be unable to communicate a desire to vote.
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, or if you have, you have completed serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment.
    • Effective March 10, 2016, if you have been convicted of a felony, you are eligible to register to vote once you have completed the court-ordered sentence of imprisonment. For the purposes of eligibility to register to vote, convictions include federal, state, and out-of-state convictions
  • Have not been convicted of buying or selling votes.


You may register to vote at any time. However, voter registration is closed 21 days before an election and 11 days after the election. Voter registration applications received while the voter rolls are closed are processed when voter registration reopens.

Registration Deadlines:

  • Primary Election:  June 28, 2022 (by 5:00 pm in person and 11:59 pm online)
  • General Election:  October 18, 2022 (by 5:00 pm in person, 11:59 pm online)

Where & How

We have several options to register to vote:

  1. You can complete an Online Voter Registration Application provided by the State Board of Elections at Voter Registration (
  2. You can obtain a copy of a Voter Registration Application at any of the following:
    1. Department of Motor Vehicles
    2. Department of Social Services
    3. Local events within the county
  3. You can request a voter registration application by phone at (301) 341-7300
  4. You can visit our office at 1100 Mercantile Lane, Suite 115A, Largo MD 20774. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
  5. You can download and mail in a completed application  English Voter Registration Application (PDF)Spanish Voter Registration Application (PDF)
  6. Submit an application through an authorized Voter Registration Volunteer
  7. Same-Day Registration during Early Voting or on Election Day
    1. Bring a State of Maryland issued Identification
    2. Bring a current Utility bill/ other reflecting your current address (e.g., water or gas bill OR a paycheck stub or bank statement)

Joining a Political Party

At the time of registration, a voter may choose to join any political party. During Primary Elections, only voters in the Democratic and Republican parties can vote unless there is a school board election in your district. During General Elections your party affiliation will not affect your ability to cast a vote.

Do I Have to Register for Each Election?

Registration is permanent if the voter keeps his/her address current with the Board of Elections.

Verification of Registration 

Within 3 to 4 weeks after processing your Voter Registration Application, a voter will receive a Voter Notification Card (VNC). The VNC will have the voter’s name, address, polling place, party affiliation and districts (residential, congressional, legislative, councilmanic, and school board). If you do not receive your Voter Notification Card within 3 to 4 weeks, please contact our office at (301) 341-7300.

Change of Voter Registration Information

If you need to change your name, residential address, party affiliation, mailing address or correct your date of birth, please submit a Voter Registration Application via mail, on-line or submit a letter with your full name, date of birth, address, a brief statement, and a handwritten signature (digital signatures are not accepted).  Please provide previous information to ensure the correct record is updated.

Cancellation of Registration 

To cancel your registration for moving out of state, non-citizenship, or to alert us of a deceased relative, you can:

Note: You must re-register by submitting a new Voter Registration Application if you cancel your registration.

Voter Accessibility & Voting 

Prince George’s County Board of Elections is committed to working with all sectors of society to attain accessibility in a manner that addresses the unique needs of each eligible citizen.

If the polling place assigned to an elderly or disabled voter is not structurally barrier free, the voter may request a reassignment by contacting the local board. To qualify for a reassignment the voter must submit a request in writing to the Prince George’s County Board of Elections no later than 21 days prior to the General Election. The Board will assign the voter to an election district, ward, or precinct that contains a structurally barrier free polling place; or issue the voter an absentee ballot.

Contact Us

Contact our office at 301-341-7300 to request a Voter Registration form be mailed.