Common Ownership Communities Commissioners

Voting Members


Timothy Smith, Chair

Dr. Cassandra “Casey” Lewis, Vice Chair

Nicole Williams, Esq.

John Henry King

Daniel Hall                                                                                                                 

Dr. Linda Hunt

Non-Voting Members


Sherri Conner, M-NCPPC

Matthew Venuti, PGC Office of Law

Karen Straughn, Esq., Office of the Attorney General

Commission Meetings

The Commission on Common Ownership Communities meets on the 4th Wednesday (exceptions may apply) of every month at the Office of Community Relations located at 9200 Basil Ct., Suite 105, Largo, MD 20774 or they are held virtually.  Find meeting dates, times, locations and agendas on the County calendar.

Commission Duties

​CB-49-2015 established the Commission on Common Ownership Communities. The purpose of the Commission is to ensure the proper establishment and operation of homeowners’ associations, condominium associations and cooperative housing units. Additionally, the Commission is to promote public awareness and association membership understanding of the rights and obligations of living in a common ownership community. This Commission is also responsible for assisting and overseeing the development of coordinated community and government policies, programs and services which support these communities.

Learn about Common Ownership Communities' laws, rules, regulations and more at the resources page.