Interior Nat Harbor

Adding Persons to Household

Report Household Changes
All participant families must report any changes in household composition to the Housing Authority.

Written Approval
In order to add a person to their family other than a newborn child, the participant must have the written approval of the owner and the approval of the Housing Authority. To add a minor, the participant must have legal custody of the child and submit that document to the Housing Authority along with the written approval of the owner. This must be completed before the minor moves into the unit. To add an adult, the participant must request the Add a Person Letter from the Housing Authority and provide the requested documentation before the adult moves into the unit.

Housing Approval / Disapproval
Upon conducting a Criminal Background Check and a review of the documentation submitted by the family and the prospective family member, the Housing Authority will approve or disapprove the request. If the prospective family member is not approved the person may not move into the unit. If the person moves in without the permission of the Housing Authority, the family's participation in the program will end for violation of family obligations.