Resident Services

Resident Services provides support and resources to the residents of Prince George’s five public housing developments. These developments include Cottage City Towers, Kimberly Gardens, Marlborough Towne, Rollingcrest Village, and Owens Road. It offers a range of supportive services to help improve the quality of life for residents in these areas.


Resident Services offers programs and outreach services to identify and assist residents with their needs and service gaps. Two programs focus on self-sufficiency:

Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) enables HUD-assisted families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies.
Resident Opportunities Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program assists seniors with supportive services, aging-in-place, empowerment activities, and assistance in becoming economically self-sufficient.

Program components

Our approach involves developing and implementing supportive service programming in collaboration with the residents, the management team, and local community service providers. It is our goal to ensure that the residents of public housing are provided supportive services and crisis intervention to stabilize households and improve the overall quality of life in order to  reach their full potential.

At the Housing Authority of Prince George’s County (HAPGC), we provide various services to support the residents, such as career development, behavioral health, health and fitness classes, school supplies, coats, food resources, holiday activities, health insurance navigation, referrals for counseling services, household furniture, youth services, and employment assistance.

We partner with community and government agencies throughout Prince George’s County and the surrounding areas to provide these services to the residents at no cost to the Housing Authority or its residents.  Some of our current providers include: 

•    The Healthcare Alliance of Prince George’s County
•    Employ Prince George’s
•    Department of Social Services
•    Luminis Health
•    Giant Pharmacy
•    Charlotte’s Web
•    The Family Justice Center
•    The First Responders of Prince George’s County
•    The American Heart Association

Resident Council

Resident Services at the Housing Authority of Prince George's County considers resident participation in management an essential element of its efforts.  To this end, the properties have Resident Councils that convene monthly to plan resident activities, provide information about resident services, and advocate on behalf of their respective tenant population.

Resident Advisory Board

Additionally, there is a Resident Advisory Board that is comprised of members from each of the participating Resident Councils. This board provides input into the Housing Authority's Annual Five (5) Year Agency Plan, which outlines the goals, objectives, programs, and activities that the Authority will undertake each year. As per HUD's requirements, Housing Authorities must submit this document for approval annually. The plan must include feedback from the public, as well as residents who should have the opportunity to provide input into the plan and have their priorities for services and policies considered. The feedback is consolidated and incorporated into the final plan, which is subsequently approved by the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Resident Services is continually working to expand its network of partners, ensuring that it can accurately serve and enhance the lives of the residents of the Housing Authority of Prince George's County.