Unit Inspections
All unit inspections are performed for move-ins, annual recertification's, and for complaints from the participant or the owner. Participants must notify the owner if an item needs repair. If the owner does not repair the item after a reasonable period of time, the participant may contact the Housing Authority Inspection Division and request an Inspector to inspect the unit. The Inspector upon finding a deficiency will contact the owner in writing, or, if the item is an immediate threat to health and safety, will contact the owner by phone to make repairs. If the problem is not repaired within the allotted time frame, the Housing Inspector will recommend that the Housing Assistance Payments stop (abatement) until the repairs have been made.

When Repairs Are Not Met
Once the repairs are made, the Housing Inspector will verify the repair and the payments will re-start. The participant must continue payment of their portion of rent under the terms of the lease agreement. If the owner does not make the necessary repairs, the Housing Authority will issue a new voucher to the participant to look for other housing. The Housing Authority will terminate the Contract after notifying the participant and the owner. In order for the assistance to continue, the participant must find other suitable housing which is decent, safe, and sanitary. If a participant does not find housing within the allotted time frame and the unit still does not pass inspection, the participant will lose their assistance.

Family at Fault
If emergency or non-emergency violations are determined to be the responsibility of the family, the Housing Authority will require the family to make the repairs or corrections within an allotted time frame. If the repairs or corrections are not made, the Housing Authority will terminate assistance to the family, after providing an opportunity for an informal hearing. Only the Inspection Supervisor can approve extensions. The owners' rent will not be abated for items that are the family's responsibility.

Housing Quality Standards
Certain Housing Quality Standards deficiencies are considered the responsibility of the family:

  • Tenant-paid utilities not in service
  • Failure to provide or maintain family-supplied appliances.
  • Damage to the unit or premises caused by a household member or guest beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Normal wear and tear is defined as items that could not be charged against the tenant's security deposit under state law or court practice.