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Grounds for Denial / Termination of Assistance
The Housing Authority will deny program assistance for an applicant, or terminate program assistance for a participant, for any of the following reasons:
  • If any family member violates any family obligation under the program as listed in 24 CFR 982.551.
  • If any family member has violated the family obligation under 24 CFR 982.551 not to engage in drug-related or violent criminal activity.
  • If any Housing Authority has ever terminated assistance under the program for any member of the family.
  • If any family member commits fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with federal housing programs.
  • If the family currently owes rent or other amounts to the Housing Authority or to another Housing Authority in connection with Section 8 or public housing assistance under the 1937 Act.
  • The family participating in an FSS program fails to comply, without good cause, with the family's FSS contract of participation.
  • If the family fails to fulfill its obligation under the Section 8 Welfare to Work voucher program.
  • If the family has engaged in or threatened abusive or violent behavior toward Housing Authority personnel.
  • If the family has engaged in criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of their residence by persons residing in the immediate vicinity of the premises.
  • If the family has engaged in or threatened abusive or violent behavior toward the owner or management staff.
  • If any member of the family engages in, or has engaged in drug or alcohol abuse that interferes with the health, safety or peaceful enjoyment of other residents.