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Completion of a Full Application

Verify Preferences
All preferences claimed on the pre-application or while the family is on the waiting list will be verified after the family is selected from the waiting list, and prior to completing the full application. When the Housing Authority is ready to select applicants and after the preference is verified, applicants will be required to complete forms necessary for application purposes and participate in a full application interview with a Housing Authority representative. At that time, applicants are required to furnish complete and accurate documentation as requested by the interviewer.

Eligibility Determination
After the verification process is completed, the Housing Authority will make a final determination of eligibility. This decision is based upon information provided by the family, the verification completed by the Housing Authority, and the current eligibility criteria in effect. If the family is determined to be eligible, a briefing will be scheduled for the family's orientation to the housing program.

Guidelines for Admission Denial
The Housing Authority will apply the following criteria, in addition to the HUD eligibility criteria, as grounds for denial of admission to the program.

  • The family must not have violated any family obligation during a previous participation in the Section 8 program for 5 years prior to final eligibility determination.
  • The family must have paid any outstanding debt owed the Housing Authority or another Housing Authority as a result of prior participation in any federal housing program.
  • If any applicant deliberately misrepresents the information on which eligibility or tenant rent is established, the Housing Authority may deny assistance and may refer the family file/record to the Program Compliance Unit and/or the proper authorities for appropriate disposition. False statements to the Housing Authority are punishable under Maryland law.
  • A family will be denied admission to the program if any member of the family fails to sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information required by the Housing Authority, including Form HUD-9886, Authorization for Release of Information/Privacy Act Notice.