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List a Property to Rent on the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Updated July 2020)

  1. Directions: Complete this form to list your property on the Housing Authority's Unit Availability Listings. The listings are then posted on our website to assist Housing Choice Voucher Program applicants and participants in finding a suitable rental unit. Properties will be removed from the listings if not rented within three months, unless updated by contact. Inspections are only completed once a landlord has chosen a client. Do not turn in your renter's license or direct deposit forms until after you have chosen a client.
  2. Property Type*
  3. Apartment Type
  4. (Don't forget to include Apt# for Apartments)
  5. Contact Name will be shared on the listings
  6. List a number for potentials tenants to call
  7. Utilities
    Check only those that are included in rent
  8. Type of Heat*
  9. Accessibility Features
    Please check ONLY those features that the Available Unit Currently has
  10. Additionally, are there units that comply with the Accessibility Standards or whether units have accessibility features (including units that comply with the Fair Housing Act Accessibility Standards)? Other than the check list above, are there any other features of the available unit that might make it accessible for persons with disabilities, including those who use wheel-chairs?
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