Moving with a Voucher

Portability enables Housing Choice Voucher participants the ability to move to any jurisdiction within the United States or its territories that has a Housing Choice Voucher program. If you are a resident or employed in Prince George's County at the time of your initial interview, you will qualify for portability immediately, if not, you must wait one year before you can exercise your portability rights. Learn more about how portability works (PDF)


Portability Requirements

You must follow the Housing Authority's moving requirements when you vacate your current unit. This includes:

  • Giving your current owner a 30 day written notice with a copy to the Housing Authority
  • Rent must be paid through the end of your vacate date
  • Your current unit must be in good, clean condition
  • Return the keys to the owner
  • Pay your utilities in full


Porting out of Prince George's County

Contact your Rental Specialist to see if you meet the requirements to port out of Prince George's County


Porting into Prince George's County

Contact your case worker at your current housing authority to determine your eligibility to port. The case worker from your housing authority can mail, fax or email the portability packet to: 

Housing Authority of Prince George’s County 
ATTN: Portability 
9200 Basil Court 
Largo, MD 20774 

Fax: 301-883-3440 

Email: hcvportability@co.pg.md.us 


Additional Info

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