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Adding Persons to Household

All participant families must report any changes in household composition to the Housing Authority.


Damage to an assisted unit can be considered a lease violation.

Family Obligations

Read through the list of requirements the family is obligated to comply with in order to be considered for the Waiting List.

Housekeeping Standards

The participant has an obligation to keep their rental unit clean and free of all dirt, debris, and report all maintenance repairs to their landlord.

Owner / Family Debts to Housing Authority

When families or owners owe money to the Housing Authority, the Housing Authority will make every effort to collect it.


All unit inspections are performed for move-ins, annual recertification's, and for complaints from the participant or the owner.

Reporting Change of Income & Family Composition

The families are required to report any changes to income and family member status in writing.

Tenant Responsibilities to Owner

Read through a list of responsibilities the tenant has to the owners.