Heat Warning in Effect

County urges caution during this severe weather event. Visit mypgc.us/StayCool for more info.

Trash Time Change

Due to extreme heat, trash collection throughout the county will begin at 5 am beginning Monday, July 15, 2024. Learn more at mypgc.us/ClearTheCurb.

Commuter Resources

Plan Your Trip

PGC Transportation Hub

Know where you're going but not sure how to get there? Try these trip-planning tools!

  • PGC Trip app is free for Android and iOS, and will show you real-time road conditions to help inform your commute decisions.
  • Transportation Hub helps you identify transportation options near your home, work, shopping, and many other destinations in Prince George's County.
  • incenTrip app is free for Android and iOS, will help you plan your trip AND give you points for your commute. 
  • Taking Prince George's County's TheBus? Check out PGC Connect, our new real-time tracking and trip planning service (mobile apps coming soon!)

Park & Ride Lots

PGC Transportation Hub Park and Ride Lots

Did you know there are over 30 Park & Ride lots in Prince George's County? 

Find a park and ride lot that works for your needs and check them out on our Transportation Hub or the Commuter Connections app. 

Depending on the location, you might find a Park & Ride lot to meet with a co-worker and drive together, catch Metro, a commuter bus, TheBus, our on-demand PGC Link, or even grab a Capital Bikeshare bike!

Park and Ride - and Save!

The 2022 limit for pre-tax and/or subsidized commute-related parking is $280 per month. This is separate to the $280/month pre-tax and/or subsidy permitted for transit or vanpooling, so a commuter who pays to park and uses transit or a vanpool can access up to $560 each month in commuter benefits.

Not all Park & Ride lots charge a fee, but if they do, make sure you take full advantage of any commuter savings offered through your employer! Talk to your Human Resources or Benefits Manager today to enroll or ask them to start a program (we can help).

If you're an employer, set up your commuter benefits program today - use the free SmartBenefits platform for transit and commute-related parking benefits administration, or if you use a third-party administrator for employee benefits, ask if they can also administer transportation benefits. Remember - most employers can claim 50% of the cost of providing a transit or vanpool subsidy through the MD Commuter Tax Credit. Check out our employer benefits page for more information. 

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a free service providing commuters who regularly vanpool, carpool, bike, walk, or take transit with a reliable ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arise. Commuters can use GRH for unexpected personal emergencies and unscheduled overtime up to six times per year. Best of all, the ride home is free! Knowing that there is a guaranteed ride home allows you to use commuting options like transit and carpools with peace of mind and confidence. Commuters must be registered in advance of an emergency to receive GRH benefits.

Register for a Guaranteed Ride Home

Commuting Rewards

Who doesn't want to earn rewards for their commute to work? With these programs you can!

  • CarpoolNow gives you free, real-time ride matches with other commuters traveling the same direction as you to work or home (android / iOS)
  • FlexTime Rewards pays commuters who travel along certain high-congestion corridors financial reimbursement for delay a trip during peak congestion times.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home gives you four free rides home from work per year for personal/family emergency and unscheduled overtime
  • incenTrip rewards you for your commute choices in cash and/or gift cards, and helps you plan your trip (android / iOS)
  • 'Pool Rewards gives big financial discounts for sharing the drive:
    • $130/month for the first three months for new carpools (2-4 people)
    • $200/month for the length of the lease for new vanpools (5-12 people)

Apps to Inform and Reward Your Commute

Check out these commuting apps to help you make decisions about your commuting options and earn rewards along the way:

  • PGC Connect to track the county’s TheBus system (new app coming soon!)
  • PGCTrip for real-time roadway conditions and traffic cameras around Prince George’s County (android / iOS)
  • TransLoc for our on-demand PGC Link microtransit in the Fort Washington-Oxon Hill-Accokeek area (android / iOS)
  • CarpoolNow gives you free, real-time ride matches with other commuters traveling the same direction as you to work or home (android / iOS)
  • Commuter Connections helps you find ride matches, Park & Ride lots, and includes a commute trip logging calendar (android / iOS)
  • incenTrip rewards you for your commute choices in cash and/or gift cards, and helps you plan your trip (android / iOS)

Carpool or Vanpool

Save more money, stress, and time by sharing your drive with others. Shared driving arrangements can be made for 2-4 people as a carpool or 5-12 people as a vanpool. 

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