Extreme heat emergency

County opens cooling centers. Urges caution during this severe weather period. Visit mypgc.us/StayCool for more information


Prince George's County's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program strives to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe by educating them, along with drivers, on the rules of the road.

The program holds several outreach events a year, including DPW&T Street Teams that canvass high-crash areas in the County promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety.

A few past DPW&T Street Team locations have included: Indian Head Highway (MD-210), Annapolis Road (MD-450), Kenilworth Avenue (MD-201), and Baltimore Avenue (US-1).

STREET SMART Campaign - Annapolis Rd.
STREET SMART Campaign - Branch Ave.
STREET SMART Campaign - Fort Mead rd.
STREET SMART Campaign - Landover Rd.
STREET SMART - Lives are easily broken
STREET SMART-Lives Shatter on Impact
STREET SMART-Speeding shatters lives
STREET SMART-Your life is fragile