Report a Public Works Problem

Animal Carcass Removal

Learn how to report animal carcasses on County-maintained and state-maintained roads.

Down Trees

The Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) removes and performs elevation trimming of trees that are in the County rights-of-way. Down trees or tree limbs should be reported.

Litter Pickup

Litter and debris are picked up along County maintained roadways. Illegal dumping should be reported. If litter or debris is on private property, removal is the responsibility of the property owner.

Neighborhood Traffic Issues

The Department of Public Works and Transportation's (DPW&T) Traffic Safety Division can offer advice and assistance to help solve community traffic problems. In fact, the Traffic Safety Division has developed a program specifically designed for this purpose.


The Department of Public Works and Transportation performs pothole repairs on all County-maintained roadways.

Roadway Hazards

The Department responds to requests concerning potentially hazardous locations as reported by citizens.

Roadway Maintenance

Read about current roadway improvement projects and programs.


Learn more about the requirements for new requests and repair requests.

Traffic Signals

Through the Traffic Signal System, newly installed traffic signal controllers improve signal system efficiency and assign appropriate rights-of-way in order to achieve an optimized flow of traffic through an intersection.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is accomplished by service request and/or inspections and issued to contracted vendors for scheduling and completion. Tree and stump removals are provided when the tree is found to be dead or when dead tree limbs fall to the ground because of inclement weather and stormy conditions. The Office of Highway Maintenance is developing strategic processes and exploring new contracts to address tree related 311 requests.


The Office of Highway Maintenance has developed an innovative method to mitigate heaving concrete and trip hazards. With horizontal sidewalk cutting, trip hazards from 1/4 of an inch to 2-inch maximum can be corrected.