The following definitions are from the Federal Highway Administration’s Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide.

  1. Bike Lane

    Bike Lane

An on-road bicycle facility designated by striping, signing, and pavement markings. (Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill)
  1. Bike Route

    Bike Route (No Pavement Markings)

A roadway designated as a preferred route for bicyclists. (Rockledge Drive, Bowie)
  1. Buffered Bike Lanes

    Buffered Bike Lanes

Bike lanes with a painted buffer increase lateral separation between bicyclists and motor vehicles.

  1. Sidepath


Bicycle facilities physically separated from traffic, but intended for shared use by a variety of groups including pedestrians, bicyclists, and joggers. (Annapolis Road/MD-450, Glenn Dale)

  1. Protected Bike Lanes

    Protected Bike Lanes

An exclusive facility for bicyclists that is located within or directly adjacent to the roadway and that is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic with a vertical element. (Rhode Island Avenue)

  1. Sharrows


Pavement markings providing wayfinding guidance to bicyclists and alerting drivers that bicyclists are likely to be operating in mixed traffic. (Silver Hill Road/MD-458, Suitland)