Drawing of youth - Affirming LGBTQ+ youth supports mental health and awareness

AFFIRM gives LGBTQI+ youth and their caregivers the opportunity to learn skills in support and celebration of their identities. The program will begin accepting referrals in the fall.

What is AFFIRM?

  • AFFIRM Youth is an 8-session program for LGBTQI+ youth (ages 12-23). In AFFIRM, youth have the opportunity to be in a safe, identity-affirming space with their peers, and learn skills and resources that support and celebrate their LGBTQI+ identities.
  • AFFIRM Caregiver is a 7-session program for the parents, families, and caregivers of LGBTQI+ youth.  In AFFIRM Caregiver, families have the opportunity to process, share and connect with their peers while learning new skills in support of affirmative caregiving.

We cannot wait to continue our work in support of all youth and families in Prince George's County.  


For more information, contact:
Lauren Wethers-Coggins, AFFIRM Program Coordinator