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The Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Solutions (OSPCS)

The Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Solutions (OSPCS) was created in August 2020 to strengthen the connection between Prince George's County Department of Social Services, local government agencies and community-based organizations. The goal of OSPCS is to build community capacity, identify gaps in service, develop community-based solutions and coordinate a collaborative network of providers. We will hold our partners and ourselves accountable.

OSPCS is committed to supporting internal and external stakeholders' efforts to sustain services and connections to children and families of Prince George's County through training and workshops, strategic place-based programming and increasing the number of volunteer/engagement opportunities for employees and residents.

We do this by providing intervention services that strengthen families, protect children and vulnerable adults, encourage self-sufficiency and promote personal responsibility.


To enhance the collaborative and innovative capacity of organizations, governmental agencies, and families to meet the needs of vulnerable populations within Prince George’s County


Objectives / Framework

Collaboration - To coordinate a responsive network of providers

Authentic Engagement - To identify gaps in service

Resilience - To develop and promote community-based solutions, resources and tools

Equity - To hold our partners and ourselves accountable for ensuring access to appropriate resources

Success - To think strategically about how to maximize successful outcomes with current and future partners



I.Promote OSPCS to internal and external stakeholders to increase collaboration opportunities to address gaps in services and create responsive partnerships.

II.Provide place-based crisis prevention, family engagement workshops, and training opportunities for residents and families to increase their level of self-sufficiency.

III.Place a School and Community Engagement Advocate at specific Prince George’s County Public Schools to ensure that families receive services and supports necessary to address social, emotional and family stability issues that may negatively affect a child’s ability to attend school fully available to learn. The main role of the Advocate is to connect children, youth, and families to services and supports both inside and outside the Department of Social Services.


A. School and Community Engagement Goals

1. Support improved academic performance by removing of barriers

2.Offer food security/income stabilization

3.Connect families to community resources


B. Possible Reasons for Referrals

1.School Attendance

2.Economic Support (Transportation, Food, Housing, Utilities, etc.)

3.Academic Support not related to a disability (Tutors/Mentors)

4.Healthcare Concerns not related to mental/behavioral health


C. Who Can Refer?

1.Any school staff member


3.Community member within specific school community


D. How to Refer?

1.Contact the school listed below and request a School and Community Engagement Referral Form


E. What Happens After the Referral?

1.School and Community Engagement Advocate contacts the parent/guardian/student

2.A needs assessment is completed, goal-setting plan is created, and family/student is referred to additional community resources

3.Follow-up occurs at 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure student/family stability (some cases will require a longer period of case management)


F. List of School and Community Engagement Advocate Sites

Andrew Jackson Academy (K-8) Benjamin Stoddert Middle School
Kettering Middle School Steven Decatur Middle School
Charles Carroll Middle School Bucklodge Middle School
Thomas Johnson Middle School Drew-Freeman Middle School
Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School G. James Gholson Middle School
Hyattsville Middle School Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Nicholas Orem Middle School
Oxon Hill Middle School Samuel P. Massie Academy (K-8)
Thurgood G. Marshall Middle School Walker Mill Middle School
William H. Hall Academy (K-8) William Wirt Middle School



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