Citizen Review Panel

The Citizen Review Panel was created as a volunteer review panel for child protection. The panel focuses on reviewing policies, procedures, and cases pertaining to reports of child abuse and neglect in which a finding of indicated was made. Through their reviews the Panel can identify gaps in services, the need for changes in policy, and they serve as advocates for the children and families of Prince George's County.

Panel Reviews
Members of the Panel conduct monthly in-depth reviews of selected cases, and the Panel meets as a whole, monthly. Sub groups of the Panel can be organized to focus on a specific issue. During the course of their case reviews the Panel noted frequent cases of children being left unsupervised and the parents stating they were not aware of the ages when a child can be left at home unattended. The "Bee Brochure" was developed by the Panel to address this concern. The Panel and the local department worked together to get the brochure printed, and recently it was sent out to parents of all public school children. A copy of the brochure can be found in this website.

Panel Members
The Citizen Review Panel is made up of volunteers from the community. Read a listing of those persons who serve on the Panel.

  • Mildred Stewart, Chairperson
  • Richenda Shihab, Vice Chairperson
  • Gena Greenhood, Mental Health Authority
  • Detective Diane Dobbs, Prince George's County Police
  • Charmaine Crawford, Department of Juvenile Services
  • Lin Bessett, Ph.D.
  • Anthony Carvana
  • Robert Cullen, M.H.A.
  • Florence Foreman, Ed.D.
  • Maralita L. Freeny
  • Edith Orem
  • Bonnie Peet, Coordinator
  • Trista Poore
  • Jennifer Renne, Esq.

Past Members

  • Gail Bethea-Jackson
  • James E. Lewis, Ph.D.