Family Preservation

Family Preservation is an intensive home-based service designed to meet the specific needs of individual families whose children are at imminent risk of an out-of-home placement. A team approach is utilized, consisting of a social worker and a case associate.

Family Preservation is based upon a philosophy that emphasizes respect for the family strengths and family diversity. Regardless of the family’s dysfunction, culture, etc., a concerted effort is made to build upon the strengths of the family.


Focused Programs
To assist the residents and citizens of Prince George’s County we target:

  • Families whose children are at imminent risk of out-of-home placement due to:
  • Crisis related to chronic physical or mental illness of a family member
  • Environmental crisis
  • High risk of child maltreatment
  • Reunification with their children after a foster care placement and needing intensive aftercare services
  • Families under court order as a result of neglect or abuse

You may contact the Prince George's County Department of Social Service's Abuse, Neglect and Services Intake number at 1-800-917-7383 for a referral to Family Preservation.

Interpretation Services are available for Non-English Speaking or deaf or hard of hearing customers. Please contact one of the Local Offices for assistance.

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