Food Assistance

The Department of Social Services' Emergency Food Assistance Program acts as a clearinghouse for the distribution of donated food. Over 30 local community pantries and shelters currently participate in the program. All food is provided to eligible individuals and families free of charge. Please call 301-909-6343 to get information and assistance within your particular area of the County.

Apply for Help
You can call your caseworker or 301-909-6343 to receive a listing of pantries and soup kitchens in your area. After you receive the telephone numbers, it will be your responsibility to call the pantries or soup kitchens to make an appointment. Bring all necessary information and documents staff request including proof of eligibility as follows:

Photo identification and one of the following:
  • Independence card
  • Employment check stubs
  • Unemployment notice
You are responsible for picking up your groceries. If you need assistance, please ask the agency if they provide transportation.

Types of Food Available
Available food depends on market conditions, however, typical groceries include canned and dried fruits, canned vegetables, canned meats and juices; and, when available, fresh meats and fresh fruits.