Child Protective Services

Department Responsibilities

The Prince George's County Department of Social Services provides 24 hour, seven day a week intake, screening and investigative services for physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and mental injury. The Department of Social Services investigates appropriate referrals to assess the safety and protection children and, when necessary, intervenes by providing services designed to increase safety and protect children from further harm. The following link will provide you with some Abuse Indicators.


The Department of Social Services is here to help! The following are lists of services offered by the Agency.


This unit provides services to assess the level of risk of maltreatment to a child(ren) or assess family functioning to determine the level of supports needed by the family to prevent placement of child(ren) in foster care. While the family may not show signs of clear abuse or neglect, these assessments identify the significant stressors in the family that may require intervention.

Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center provides a child-friendly, safe and supportive environment for abused and neglected children. A multi-disciplinary, joint investigative approach is used to lessen trauma to children and families. Combining the wisdom and professional knowledge of a "multidisciplinary team" ensures that children are not re-victimized by the system and that they and their families are provided the support and services needed.
To learn more about how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect, click here!