Office of the County Executive

The Office of the County Executive is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of County government and includes the Chief Administrative Officer, the Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief Administrative Officers, and several internal divisions.

Chief Administrative Officer
Pursuant to the County Charter, the Chief Administrative Officer is appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. The Chief Administrative Officer exercises general supervision over the operations of executive branch departments and agencies, including performance management and accountability. The Chief Administrative Officer is assisted by several Deputy Chief Administrative Officers who manage assigned clusters of executive agencies and serve as liaisons to external government partners and other related organizations.

Chief of Staff
The Chief of Staff is appointed by the County Executive and manages the internal divisions that develop and carry out the County Executive's policy goals. The Chief of Staff also manages intergovernmental relations with the Maryland General Assembly, the County Council, and municipal governments within the County. Additionally, the Chief of Staff oversees communications, coordination of appointments to boards and commissions, strategic partnerships, and outreach to community stakeholders and constituents.

Organizational Chart

This chart provides an overview of the Executive Branch leadership and organizational structure.

  1. Tara H. Jackson

    Chief Administrative Officer

  2. Joy A. Russell

    Chief of Staff

  3. Sanmi Areola

    Deputy CAO - Health, Human Services, & Education

  4. Floyd E. Holt

    Deputy CAO - Infrastructure/Environment/Technology

  5. Jared M. McCarthy

    Deputy CAO - Government Operations

  6. Angie Rodgers

    Deputy CAO - Economic Development

  7. Barry Stanton

    Deputy CAO - Public Safety & Homeland Security