Temporary Services

561320 Staffing services include specific services performed by Supplier’s workforce, possessing the appropriate work skills for brief or intermittent periods. Suppliers should provide a broad spectrum of labor categories.

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Approved Vendors by Category

Approved Suppliers

Contract #:WS416960937

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Blue Sky Innovative Solutions BlueSky4PG@bsis-llc.com  301-464-6171 www.bsis-llc.com
CMT Services Annette.Johnson@cmtservicesinc.com 301-322-7871 www.cmtservicesinc.com
Gallant Business Solutions Info@GallantBusinessSolutions.com 443-694-4077 www.gallantbusinesssolutions.com
Premier Staffing Source mcooks@premierstaffingsource.com 301-306-0774 www.premierstafwww.premierstaffingsource.com
The HR Source pathj@thehrsource.com  301-651-3654 thehrsource.com