Leasing / Lease Administration

The Land Acquisition and  Real Property Division (LARP) Leasing / Lease Administration Unit (LLAU) delivers property and workplace solutions across the government. We are introducing a portfolio-led approach to managing central government general purpose leasing portfolio as a strategic asset. We will drive benefits through more efficient and effective use of the leases. We will do this through:

  • Owning and operating the central government general-purpose leasing portfolio.
  • Partnering with client agencies to realize best value outcomes for the residents, taxpayers, great workplaces, and the Future of Work for civil servants.

The LLAU is an enabler for the delivery of County government real estate transformation, and the Government’s priorities for rapid growth and strengthening the County.

We are a team of commercial property experts, drawn from private and public sectors. We have a deep skillset and perform a broad range of real property management roles. We are proud to be civil servants, but we behave like a private sector commercial real estate firm. We bring commercial expertise and insight to the government’s real estate portfolio to help our client agencies meet their strategic mission-critical goals - and use government’s strength to secure the best deals.

We are:

Asset manager

We manage the government’s real estate portfolio


Supporting third party clients as our tenants

Service provider

Providing workplace services to our government agency clients

Lease Administration

Manage the administrative functions involved with lease contracts on behalf of client agencies, negotiates lease contracts, and works with agencies and vendors on new leases, tenant build-outs, lease modification agreements, lease payments, renewals amendments, reallocations, holdovers, and lease assignments.

Strategic property advisor

Providing portfolio advice to support the County and our clients’ agencies’ objectives