Facilities Operation & Management

Facilities Operation and Management

Who We Are

The Facilities Operation and Management (FOM) Division is responsible for the maintenance of county-owned and leased facilities. The Division oversees the operation of more than 100 County occupied buildings, including fire and police stations, County and State Court Houses, a child day care center, and the County’s Correctional Facility. FOM is also responsible for the overall management direction of the County’s vertical construction program.

The Division is divided into the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Building Management
  • Construction
  • Systems Management

What We Do

The Facilities Operation and Management Division:

  • Provides custodial services for 4 major County facilities.
  • Administers custodial contracts at 31 County facilities.
  • Provides remodeling and renovation on County facilities, as indicated.
  • Performs utilities management, mechanical repairs, space management, contract administration, and maximizes the use of energy conservation programs.
  • Maintains all public safety facilities (Police, Corrections, Sheriff and Fire Stations), as required for 24-hour operations.
  • Manages all contracts for general contractors to construct or renovate County buildings.

In support of the mission of the Facilities Operation and Management Division (FOM), the following strategies have been adopted. FOM has initiated methods to:

  • Respond to all building equipment problems such as mechanical breakdowns.
  • Respond to requests for services that address comfort and non-critical issues.
  • Ensure staff is available to perform repairs and preventive maintenance.
  • Ensure all heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and building engineers are technically trained and certified.
  • Track the maintenance work and schedule of all equipment through tracking software.
  • Perform condition assessments of deficiencies in buildings and infrastructures rating buildings in good, fair and poor condition.
  • Coordinate with agencies to successfully complete requests for building maintenance.
  • Ensure all County-owned building renovations are performed on schedule and within the building standards established by the County Code.