Tantallon Infrastructure & Flood Mitigation Workgroup

Tantallon Workgroup Header

Workgroup Meetings

  • Monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month
  • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
  • Zoom

In the Chair's absence, meetings will be chaired by the co-chair. All meetings will be recorded for the purpose of preparing meeting notes and action items.

The purpose of this Group is to bring together individuals within the County Government possessing the relevant knowledge and skills who will act collectively to undertake assigned tasks and activities in order to achieve the objective of improving the infrastructure and reducing the flood risk in the Tantallon Community.  The member of the Working Group will have a direct communication link to the Office of the County Executive on Flooding, Stormwater, Infrastructure Improvement, and steps being taken to reduce flooding risks. Improving communication strategies is designed to keep the impacted community apprised of the efforts, goals, objectives, outcomes, and timelines associated with infrastructure improvements and flood mitigation.  

Composition and Representation

The Working Group shall be comprised of the following representatives of the County Executive’s staff, members of the Tantallon community, and selected external stakeholders.

  Name Role Position
  Floyd E. Holt Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) Working Group Chair
  Dana Cooper Special Assistant to the DCAO Working Group Liaison
  Charlie Griffith Associate Director, Office of Storm Drain Maintenance, Department of Public Works & Transportation  
  Andrea Crooms Director, Department of the Environment  
  Melinda Bolling Director, Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement  
  Courtney Mariette Associate Deputy Director, Office of Community Relations  
  Herbert Jones President, Tantallon North Area Civic Association  
  Duane Bouie Tantallon North Area Civic Association, Infrastructure & Technology Committee Chair  
  Carter Ferrington President, Tantallon Citizen’s Association   
  Hazel Robinson President, Tantallon Square Civic Association and the Alliance for Greater County Transparency  
  Ron Weiss Board Member, Tantallon Citizens Associations, Inc. Working Group Co-Chair
  Jason Washington Director, Office of Alternative Infrastructure Planning and Development, Prince George's County Public Schools  
  Zaneta Walthour Impacted Resident  
  Dr. Flavia Walton Impacted Resident  
  Tolores Holmes Impacted Resident