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Proud Promises Catalog

“Our goal is to not just get back to where we were before this pandemic, not to return to the world of the past, but to go faster and farther for our residents than we ever have before.”  

Angela Alsobrooks Prince George’s County Executive 

About Proud Priorities and Promises 

The Proud Priorities and Promises Catalog represent County Executive Angela Alsobrooks’ commitment to building and maintaining a 21st century county government infrastructure that meets the wholistic needs of Prince Georgians through the collaborative work of our county government leaders, agency personnel and community stakeholders. The development of our Proud Priorities and Promises Portfolio began in 2019 through the collaborative work of county government leaders, agency personnel and community leaders. The portfolio expanded with additional policy recommendations offered by the Prince George’s County Forward Task Force and the Prince George’s County Police Reform Commission following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.   

The County continuously acts to ensure that its resources and services are best used to create a desirable quality of life for residents and return value to our taxpayers. Major Proud Priorities currently focus our work in improving educational outcomes and environments, reducing violent crime, increasing the county’s procurement with county-based small and minority owned businesses, ensuring our agencies are staffed to deliver high quality services in timely fashion, beautifying our neighborhoods, improving the speed and accuracy of our permitting systems, and hardening our communities against the onslaught of climate change by employing innovative and varied approaches to curbing property damage caused by flooding.  

Using the dashboard 

This version of the catalog is built to visualize the implementation status of priority projects contained in the Proud Priorities and Promises portfolio.  

  • The donuts display totals for project types, sources, and implementation status based on the user’s selection.  
  • The catalog can be browsed by selecting your preferred slices of donuts by Policy Focus Area, Project Status, and Funding Source. 
  • Each project is either listed as ‘In Progress’ or ‘Completed’ to provide users with a high-level view of the project's progress.  
  • The funding source is generalized and subject to change based on the maturity of the project.


 A Clear Vision of Progress  

The catalog seeks to provide a visual snapshot of policy projects as they are being planned and implemented.  The County continuously acts to ensure that its resources and services are best used to create a desirable quality of life for residents and return value to our taxpayers. The catalog’s simplicity and accessibility expose opportunities for the public to hold agencies and divisions accountable to their most publicly visible stated goals and celebrate when goals are achieved. 

By making focused, intentional commitments to areas of policy refinement, each agency and division can take steps to ensure that Prince Georgians have an increased quality of life. The Proud Priorities Resource Survey for the Fiscal Year is an evaluation technique that ensures the relevance of projects selected for budget allocation. This certifies that the content of the catalog is considered important to Prince Georgians. Each agency and division has topics that are matched with tactics, and action steps, to guarantee successful completion. To reemphasize agency and divisional accountability, there is a timeline created relevant to the topic.  



David Sloan
Director of Policy, Planning, and Public Affairs 

Sasha Desrouleaux
Policy Planning and Public Affairs