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Latino Affairs

Prince George's County Latino Affairs

We proudly stand as a dedicated resource for Prince George’s County residents of Hispanic/Latino descent.


The mission of the Latino Affairs Liaison within the Prince George’s County Office of the County Executive is to serve as a dedicated bridge between the County Executive's office and the vibrant Hispanic/Latino community. This vital role involves:



Acting as a representative of the County Executive, the liaison fosters meaningful connections with the Hispanic/Latino community, ensuring their perspectives are accurately conveyed and understood within the county government.

Advisory Role

Serving as a trusted advisor to the County Executive and Chief of Staff, the liaison provides crucial insights on matters affecting the civic, social, and economic engagement of the Hispanic/Latino community. This advisory function helps shape policies and initiatives that reflect the community's unique needs.

Cultural Sensitivity

Recognizing the diversity within the Hispanic/Latino community in Prince George’s County, the liaison operates with cultural sensitivity, promoting inclusivity and understanding in all interactions. This ensures that policies and programs are tailored to the specific cultural context of the community.

Community Engagement

Actively engaging with the Hispanic/Latino community, the liaison works to build trust, facilitate open communication, and address concerns. This includes promoting awareness of county services, resources, and opportunities to enhance community participation.


Fostering collaboration between the County Executive's office and community organizations, businesses, and leaders, the liaison seeks to create a supportive environment for the community's civic, social, and economic advancement.

Overall, the Latino Affairs Liaison champions the interests of the Hispanic/Latino community, contributing to a county government that is responsive, inclusive, and culturally competent. 

Through advocacy, representation, and collaboration, the liaison strives to enhance the overall well-being and empowerment of the Hispanic/Latino residents in Prince George's County.

Initiatives and Projects


Conexiones Comunitarias del Condado de Prince George

As part of the Office of the County Executive's outreach and public engagement plan, Conexiones Comunitarias del Condado de Prince George strives to provide County information in a culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible manner. Tune in to our bi-weekly radio segment, broadcasting every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 3 pm on channel 900 AM and Facebook Live. Join us for interviews with County government agencies, public service announcements, new initiatives, and crucial information for the County's Hispanic/Latino community.


Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month

Join us in celebrating Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month nationwide from September 15 to October 15. This is a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the traditions, culture, and contributions of residents whose ancestry can be traced to the Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America. 


Prince George’s County Latino Advisory Board

Established in 2019 by County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks, the Latino Advisory Board serves the vital role of keeping the County Executive well-informed about the interests, needs, and concerns of the Latino residents in Prince George’s County. Comprising twelve board members, this group of subject matter experts provides candid feedback and recommendations to enhance county government service delivery to the Hispanic/Latino community. The Board advocates for the community in Business and Economic Development, Education, Quality of Life, Health and Human Services, Youth Development, and other topics impacting the community.


Board Members (2024-2026 Term)

  • Omar Eaton-Martinez
  • Madeline L. Frazier 
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Katherine Lopez
  • Miriam Machado-Luces
  • Jennifer Muñoz
  • Sagrario Ortiz
  • Jennifer Rios
  • Yolanda Rivera-Quintanilla
  • John Sanchez
  • Saul Serpas
  • Joel Solorzano

Contact Us

Please reach out to Samantha Howard, our dedicated Latino Affairs Liaison.

Prince George's County Office of Latino Affairs

Phone: 301-952-3620
Mobile/WhatsApp: 240-623-4872

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