National Harbor Juvenile Curfew

As we draw closer to the summer season, the County has been proactively working on plans to keep disorderly behavior and criminal conduct under control. For the last few months, the County government and the County Police Department have been engaged in constant discussion with National Harbor community partners and businesses about their concerns and prospective needs.

Among the concerns that have been raised are instances of large groups of juveniles and minors engaging in disorderly conduct, shoplifting, and vandalism. National Harbor businesses have suffered property damage and loss, and residents and visitors have been negatively impacted. These instances have underscored the necessity of the proactive planning that has been taking place.

The ongoing discussions have focused on the potential for these occurrences to increase and escalate in the summer months. As a result, County Executive Angela Alsobrooks is implementing a juvenile curfew at National Harbor by Executive Order effective 5 p.m. Friday, April 26, 2024.

How Will It Work?

The executive order will require that persons 16 years old and younger without supervision be off the property between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

National Harbor Juvenile Curfew

Recent history has shown curfews to be effective, as the County successfully implemented a juvenile curfew in 2020 during COVID, and again in 2022.

This executive order curfew is just a temporary measure. Legislation that is currently before the County Council will allow commercial property owners the ability to request zones within the County to have a more restrictive juvenile curfew. When this bill passes and National Harbor applies to have a curfew zone in effect, it will replace the executive order curfew.

In addition, Prince George’s County Police are implementing an enhanced coverage plan for National Harbor, effective immediately.

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Working Together to Keep Our County Safe

The National Harbor district is a regional destination for everyone to enjoy. Enforcement of these measures is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, businesses, visitors, including the County’s youth.

Protecting the County and the County’s youth is a team effort, and that includes parents and caregivers. National Harbor is not a daycare or a playground, and constant monitoring of the County’s youth is not the job of the government. While the County offers programs that focus on engaging youth in the summer months, parents must take an active role in keeping their children occupied with constructive activities.

Adopting these measures will help ensure that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy everything that National Harbor has to offer.

Youth & Parent Resources

Youth Programs Image

Prince George’s County is committed to a holistic approach, preparing and empowering our County’s youth to achieve their full potential into adulthood. In collaboration with local businesses, non-profits, community organizations, and athletic and academic programs, we provide our young adults with well-rounded opportunities for growth. Check out some programs available through the County to help keep youth engaged.

Tips for Businesses

Implementation of a juvenile curfew at National Harbor will enhance the safety and security of the commercial district. By establishing specific times for minors to be off the streets, businesses can minimize the risk of property damage and loss, thus safeguarding their assets and operations. Moreover, a curfew can contribute to maintaining a more welcoming and conducive environment for patrons and employees alike, fostering a sense of trust and comfort that encourages continued patronage. 

The juvenile curfew serves as a proactive measure to protect businesses from potential disruptions and financial losses associated with the presence of unruly juveniles during non-business hours.

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