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County Executive Angela Alsobrooks Legislative Priorities

The Maryland Legislative session is the process where areas of improvement within our community become areas of opportunity and laws that will enhance the quality of life of all Prince Georgians. Beginning with a meeting at the State House in Annapolis, the General Assembly changes, adds, and repeals laws through the legislative process of introducing and passing bills, or drafts of proposed legislation, which the Governor later signs into law.  

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced her plans to deliver for Prince George’s County residents during the 2024 Maryland General Assembly. The County Executive announced legislative priorities (PDF) that will contribute not only to the well-being of Prince George’s County but also benefit the broader community and the entire state of Maryland.  


During this 2024 Legislative Session we aim to continue working tirelessly to secure legislative victories that will elevate the quality of life for the nearly one million residents proudly calling Prince George’s County home.”   
- County Executive Angela Alsobrooks


(County executive Angela Alsobrooks attending the md legislative Latino caucus meeting)
(County Executive Angela Alsobrooks attending the Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus meeting)


The Alsobrooks Administration 2024 Legislative Priorities  


Healthy Communities: Healthcare Investments to Create Equitable Access and Infrastructure 

The Alsobrooks Administration has consistently demonstrated a commitment to healthy communities through various strategic investments. Initiatives such as groundbreaking for a new health center, opening the county's first behavioral health facility, and allocating additional resources to the County Health Department underscores the administration's dedication to expanding access to care county-wide. Notably, securing $67 million in state funds for a new cancer center and funding the Dyer Care Center for mental health crisis stabilization further reinforce the comprehensive approach to community well-being.  


Economic Development: Building on Blue Line Corridor Investments 

The Alsobrooks Administration will also seek funds to support key economic investments along the Blue Line Corridor (PDF). This includes funding for a film studio in the Arts and Entertainment District that will push our local entertainment industry forward. As well as an additional $16.8 million in funding for development parcels that will help build a true, walkable Downtown Largo. 


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