FBI Headquarters Coming to Prince George’s County

Prince George's County - New Home of FBI Headquarters
County Executive Angela Alsobrooks
County Executive Angela Alsobrooks

Wednesday, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), announced that, after a decade-long process, Prince George’s County will be the new home of the FBI headquarters! Out of the three final sites that were under consideration, two of which were in Prince George’s County, the GSA has selected Greenbelt as the location of the new FBI headquarters. 

This decision will bring generational transformation and investment for Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland, because large federal job centers have driven job and income growth in our region. When the Federal Government decided in 1941 to locate the Pentagon on the west bank of the Potomac, that decision created decades of additional investment in Virginia. Likewise, the Federal Government’s decision to locate the National Institutes of Health in Montgomery County conferred decades of economic benefits on Montgomery County.

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We expect the new FBI headquarters to bring these economic benefits to our community and change our local economy for generations. The new headquarters will bring 7,500 jobs to the County, as well as all the contractors associated with the FBI. It will be an anchor that, over time, will attract new companies to Prince George’s. These include companies in sectors that are critical to the FBI’s mission, such as technology and cybersecurity companies. 

Since the start of my Administration, we have been working with our partners at the federal, State, and local level to bring the FBI headquarters to Prince George’s. This process started over a decade ago, with 35 sites initially under consideration. Then, it was narrowed down to three, two of which were in Prince George’s. We did not let up and continued to make our case for both Prince George’s sites to the GSA and the Biden Administration. 

The Greenbelt site will provide FBI employees with a new, state-of-the-art headquarters that will help them accomplish the mission of the FBI. In addition, Greenbelt provides the most cost-effective option for the American taxpayer, ensuring we are spending federal tax dollars wisely to get this project done. The Greenbelt location is also right next to the Greenbelt Metro Station, ensuring access to public transit that will help keep cars off the road and reduce traffic congestion. 

Finally, choosing a site in Prince George’s was the most equitable decision. For too long, Prince George’s has missed out on opportunities when it comes to decisions about federal facilities and federal investments, compared to our neighbors across the region. Due to decades of underinvestment, our educational attainment is lower, our median household income is lower, our gross domestic product is lower, and our poverty rate is higher than many of our neighbors across the region.  

Despite this disparity in investment, Prince George’s has continued to rise, and we are well-prepared and well-equipped to be home to the FBI headquarters. This decision helps rebalance federal jobs in the region and ensures federal investments are being spent equitably in communities across our region.  

I want to thank our Federal Delegation, State leaders, and local leaders who worked with us over these last several years to bring the FBI headquarters home to Prince George’s. I also want to thank Prince Georgians, who joined us in advocating for bringing this transformational project to Prince George’s. We are prepared, as Team Maryland, to doing everything we can to ensure the FBI has the best possible headquarters in the quickest timeframe, so that we can facilitate a smooth transition to the FBI’s new home in our County.

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