Celebrating Second Chance Month in Prince George’s County

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April is a special month for us in Prince George's County as we recognize and celebrate National Second Chance Month. This nationwide effort aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with criminal records and to provide opportunities for them to build brighter futures. 

We have a duty to returning citizens in our community, they may be our family or friends, but even if they’re no relation to us, they’re still our neighbors. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. considered the idea of being a good neighbor when he examined the parable of the Good Samaritan.  

If you know the story, you know that a man was in desperate need on the side of the road. The first to walk by were a Priest and a Levite, considered good people by society. But they decided not to stop and help, possibly because it’s an inconvenience. Perhaps because what if the same misfortune also happened to them? Then Dr. King turns to the good Samaritan and sees that the good Samaritan reverses the question. Instead of asking, “if I stop and help this man, what could happen to me?” the question becomes, “If I do not stop and help this man, what will happen to him?” Dr. King concluded that your neighbor is anyone who stands in need of help. More importantly, the good person is not concerned with either applause or an adverse reaction. The good person is the one who has a heart for helping his neighbor. 

This year, we are proud to highlight progress and initiatives from our Returning Citizens Affairs Division (RCAD) that are helping to unlock second chances for our neighbor's re-entering society. Since 2019, we have placed 93 returning citizens into jobs or training programs, brought on 15 nonprofit partners and 3 corporate partners to support our re-entry services and efforts, among other amazing initiatives and programs. 

Key Initiatives & Programs

Pathways to Government (PTG) Initiative

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks with returning citizens, RCAD leaders, and Luminis Health leaders at the Second Chance Month Press Conference

Through this program, we have helped 9 formerly incarcerated County residents secure employment within County agencies. Departments such as the Health Department, the Department of the Environment, and the Department of Public Works and Transportation have participated in this program, providing valuable opportunities for our returning citizens.

Reentry Employment Incentive Program

This program incentivizes businesses to hire residents released from incarceration in qualifying positions paying at least $15 per hour. Businesses are reimbursed $5 per hour for up to 40 hours per week, with a maximum of 1,000 hours each year for up to two years. This initiative not only provides employment opportunities but also supports businesses in our community. 

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Community-Based Grants

We’ve awarded $100,000 in grants to community-based organizations to provide support to men and women participating in mental health and substance use disorder treatment. These grants aim to improve treatment outcomes and support the successful reintegration of returning citizens into our community.

Convening Faith Leaders

Since 2019, we’ve brought together dozens of faith leaders from across the County to discuss, develop and implement strategies to help returning citizens. This includes securing personal documentation, supporting reentry ministries, and creating mentoring programs. In 2023, we launched a 4-part speakers series entitled Brunch & Learn in partnership with the County Executive’s Faith Advisory Council to discuss opportunities for faith communities to support returning citizens. 

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Transitional Housing

We’re also awarding additional funding to support returning citizens who need transitional housing. These grants will help provide stable housing for individuals as they work towards rebuilding their lives.  

Building a more equitable Prince George's County

Every year, nearly 7,000 people are released from county, state, and federal correctional facilities. Through these initiatives and programs, we are removing barriers to re-entry and providing support for our returning citizens. By promoting policies and initiatives that support successful reintegration, we are not only benefiting returning citizens but also strengthening our families, economy, and community.  

As we celebrate Second Chance Month, let us reaffirm our commitment to providing second chances and supporting the re-entry efforts of individuals in our community. I want to salute an amazing partner on this initiative, Luminis Health has been such an influential partner with us, and their support for returning citizens should stand as an example for our entire business community. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable Prince George's County for all. 


Yours in service, 

Angela Alsobrooks   
Prince George’s County Executive