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Oversight & Monitoring of Programs & Services

An important responsibility of the Health Department's Behavioral Health Services Division is the oversight and monitoring of programs and mental health professionals in the public mental health system. Monitors make regular visits to licensed programs to do inspections and checks on the types of services offered. If problems are found, the program is asked to correct them within a certain time period.

The monitors also work closely with programs and their staff to make sure clients have sufficient services and that program operations are serving real needs. Monitors facilitate the development of new programs by listening to fresh ideas and reviewing licensing applications.

If a customer or staff person files a complaint about a program, the monitors investigate and send a report to the service provider recommending specific changes. Monitors follow-up to make sure necessary changes are made. If you have any questions concerning the monitoring process, grievances or complaints, don't hesitate to call us at 301-856-9500.