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Health Promotion, Wellness, & Evidence-Based Self-Management Programs

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

The Department of Family Services, Aging and Disabilities Services Division works with community organizations, non-profit organizations, Maryland Nation Capital Park and Planning Commission, Prince George’s Community College and local medical facilities to offer an array of activities and programs provided under the Older American’s Act, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 

Activities and programs are divided into five different categories of health and promotion:

  1. Health Screening
  2. Health Education
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Health Services
  5. Medication Management

Health Screening

Health Screening services are those services that assist older persons to improve or maintain health by helping them identify their health needs.

Examples of Service

Blood pressure check, blood sugar finger prick, cholesterol check

Health Education

Health Education provides older persons and their caregivers the opportunity to learn about aging and health issues.


Examples of Service

Information in areas that promote personal enrichment and knowledge of health issues such as: Arthritis, medication management, chronic disease prevention and reduction of effects, osteoporosis, mental health, drug and substance abuse reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss and control, stress management, information about the availability of benefits and appropriate use of other preventative health services or programs.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is planned activities aimed at improving or maintaining a person’s physical health.

Examples of Service

Tai Chi, strength training, seated exercise, ballroom dancing, clogging, square dancing, aerobics, swimming, yoga, and walking programs

Health Services

Health Services are activities that provide treatment or direct health services.

Examples of Service

Hearing aids or eyeglasses, flu shot, vaccinations and other direct care services.

Medication Management

Medication Screening

Screening of current medications by a Registered Nurse, physician, or pharmacist for information and assistance, to ensure, for example, that there are no harmful drug interactions possible with their current drug regimen.

Examples of Service

An example of medication screening is a visit with a pharmacist or RN who looks at participant’s medications to look for duplications, interactions, etc. The medical professional may use a screening form or checklist to give to the participant.

Medication Education

Information to older persons about prescription medication, over the count (OTC) medication and herbal medications to including common side effects, the dangers of mixing medications, and other issues related to medication management and screening.

Evidence-Based Health & Wellness Programs

Living Well Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

The Prince George’s County older adult population is devise in many aspects; however the need for older adults to become more active participants in their own care is universal. The health promotion education has taken a step towards a proactive model of care in the use of a chronic disease self-management program known as ‘Living Well.’ The ‘Living Well’ program is an opportunity for County seniors to take a proactive stance in their care through 6-week workshop schedule that create a person-centered partnership in care management. Participants that have completed the ‘Living Well’ program have an improved confidence in their ability to manage their chronic disease and have shown improved health care management. Both of these improvements have an important implication for both the quality of life of the participants and health care utilization.

Topics covered include:

  • medicines, nutrition, and physical activity
  • communication skills with your healthcare team
  • handling frustration and problem-solving
  • future planning

The Living Well Program will not conflict with your current treatment plan. Sessions are led by trained people who also live with chronic conditions. Workshops are free and run for 2 ½ hours, once a week. Call the Prince George’s County Living Well Program at 301- 265-0039 for schedule of workshop dates and locations.