Route 36


Route 36 provides service from Clinton Fringe Park and Ride Lot to Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center via Woodyard Road and Brandywine Road. The route provides service to the Clinton and Brandywine communities. Route 36 also provides service to the Woodyard Crossing Shopping Center and Surratt House Museum along Brandywine Road. Route 36 connects with Routes 30 and 32 at the Clinton Fringe Park and Ride Lot.

Route 36 currently operates with 45 minute frequency. Service span is 6:00 am to 8:09 pm.


New schedule is in effect to accommodate demand during COVID-19.

Service Changes: Effective November 2, 2020, Route 36 will operate every 45 minutes.

Route 36 Schedule & Map

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Effective November, 2020 Route 36 Schedule Route 36 Real-Time Map