Route 26


Route 26 provides service between the Morgan Boulevard Metrorail Station and Downtown Largo Metrorail Station via Hampton Park Boulevard and Harry S. Truman Drive.  Key stops include businesses along Hampton Park Boulevard and the Steeplechase business community.  Riders can also access Capital Bikeshare at the Downtown Largo Metrorail Station. Route 26 also provides service access to Largo Plaza Shopping Center and Ritchie Station Marketplace. Route 26 connects to 21 and 28 via Downtown Largo Metrorail Station and to Routes 22 and 24 via Morgan Boulevard Metrorail Station.

Route 26 currently operates with 45 minute frequency.  Service span is 6:00 am to 7:42 pm.


Effective May 30, 2022

Schedule adjustments have been implemented.

Route 26 Schedule & Map

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Effective May 30, 2022 Route 26 Schedule Route 26 Real-Time Map