Route 33

Bus Route - 33

Route 33 provides service between the Southern Avenue and Branch Avenue Metro Stations via Marlow Heights and Padgett’s Corner. Communities along the Washington, DC/Prince George’s County border are served via Southern Avenue as well as key stops at Padgett’s Corner Shopping Center and business along Allentown Way. Route 33 also provides service to the Brinkley Manor Apartments, the Rosecroft Shopping Center, and Camp Springs Senior Activity Center. Riders can access Capital Bikeshare at the Southern Avenue Metro Station.


Effective June 3, 2024:

· Extended from Camp Springs to Branch Ave Metro Station Bus Bay J via Allentown Rd, Maxwell Dr, and Auth Rd, making all stops that were formerly served by Route 30.

· Schedule change: buses leave at the :15 and :45 past the hour from both Southern Ave and Branch Ave Metro Stations.

Route 33 Schedule & Map

The Route 33 schedule was updated on June 3, 2024.

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