Courthouse Closed

County Courthouse is closed today due to the worldwide CrowdStrike outage

Route 30

Route 30 provides service to the Marlow Heights, Camp Springs, and Clinton communities, connecting riders to Suitland Metro Station and Southern Maryland Hospital. Key destinations include the U.S. Census Bureau, The Shops at Iverson, Marlow Heights Shopping Center, Padgett’s Corner Shopping Center, Woodyard Crossing Shopping Center, and the Clinton Fringe Park and Ride.


Effective June 3, 2024:

· Rerouted to serve Marlow Heights and Suitland. Trips heading north from Camp Springs run on Branch Ave to the Marlow Heights Shopping Center, The Shops at Iverson, and Suitland Metro Station Bus Bay E.

· Customers at Branch Ave Metro Station and on Auth Rd should use Route 33, which has been extended from Camp Springs to Branch Ave along the former routing of Route 30

Route 30 Schedule & Maps

The Route 30 Schedule was updated on June 3, 2024.