Route 28

Route 28 circulates between the Downtown Largo Metrorail Station and Woodmore Town Centre. Key stops include residences along Ruby Lockhart Blvd and Campus Way North in Largo, County administrative buildings on McCormick Drive, and Kaiser Permanente. Capital Bikeshare is also available at the Downtown Largo Metrorail Station.


Effective June 3, 2024:

· Rerouted in a less circuitous path: trips run from Downtown Largo Metro Station to Kaiser Permanente, McCormick Dr, Ruby Lockhart Blvd, Campus Way North, and Woodmore Town Centre, then turn around and follow the reverse routing.

· Customers at the Jericho Residences should use new Route 27. Customers losing service on Lottsford Rd or Campus Way North should use nearby Route 28 stops on Ruby Lockhart Blvd or Campus Way North or use Route 21.

Route 28 Schedule & Map

The Route 28 Schedule was updated as of June 3, 2024.