National Incident Based Reporting System Definition of Burglary/Breaking & Entering:

The unlawful entry into a building or other structure with the intent to commit a felony or a theft.

Prince George’s County Police will classify an incident as a Breaking & Entering (any degree), unlawful entry with intent to commit a larceny or felony, breaking and entering with intent to commit a larceny, housebreaking, and safecracking as burglary. However, because Larceny/Theft is an element of Burglary, Prince George’s County Police will not report the Larceny as a separate offense if it is associated with the unlawful entry of a structure.

The element of trespass is essential to the offense of Burglary / Breaking & Entering.

By definition, a structure has four walls, a roof, and a door (e.g., apartment, barn, cabin, church, condominium, dwelling house, factory, garage, house trailer or houseboat if used as a permanent dwelling, mill, office, outbuilding, public building, railroad car, room, school, stable, vessel or ship, warehouse).

A structure is also any house trailer or other mobile unit permanently fixed as an office, residence, or storehouse. However, a tent, tent trailer, motor-home, house trailer, or any other mobile unit used for recreational purposes is not a structure. Prince George’s County Police will not classify the illegal entry of such mobile units, followed by felony, theft, or attempt to commit a felony or theft, as Burglary / Breaking & Entering, but rather as Larceny.

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