Does it cost to be a recipient of the grant? Do I ever have to pay it back?

Let’s break this down by stages in the application process. For energy-efficiency projects, low-income homeowners receive their energy audits at a discounted rate. Depending on the selected contractor, Market rate residents may have to pay $100 upfront for audits and reports (discounted from $400). Either way, this audit cost to homeowners will be reimbursed as a part of the grant. The Clean Energy Program, Energy Efficiency grant award provides up to $7,500 in funds for residential energy efficiency measures, in addition to Pepco and Washington Gas incentives. The maximum grant award amount is $7,500 (for gas and electric incentives), of which $5,000 can be allocated towards electric incentives and $2,500 toward natural gas incentives, and up to 50% of total grant award amount ($3,750) can be allocated towards air sealing and insulation (does not include ancillary equipment like baffles/ventilation).

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