Brunch & Learn Series: Faith Forward Supporting our Returning Citizens

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The County Executive's Faith Advisory Council has partnered with the Returning Citizens and Affairs Division to host a Brunch and Learn. This is the second session out of four.

Members of the Faith Community are invited to attend this working brunch to learn more about how our Faith Leaders can support returning citizens as they transition home.

Panelists will discuss:

  • The differences between a prison ministry and a reentry ministry?
  • Why it is important for houses of worship to make this distinction?
  • What can the faith community do to include reentry in their ministries?
  • What are the benefits to the faith community engaging in this way?

The panel includes:

Brunch & Learn Series Registration

Faith leaders can use the below form to register to attend in person and online. Space is limited. Location details will be provided after registering. 

The live stream will begin at 1:30 pm.

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