Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund

Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund

As a homeowner, if you are struggling to pay your mortgage due to COVID-19 related financial hardships, assistance has arrived.  The Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development launched The Maryland Homeowners Assistance Fund in late 2021. The Fund is open to homeowners statewide. Visit the Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund webpage to learn more about the program and the eligibility requirements.

Complete an Expression of Interest Form and be added to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's email list.  

Getting help early is important. Contact a housing counselor today to discuss your specific circumstances and your available options. 

Click the link for questions you may have with answers from local HUD-certified Housing Counseling Agencies: Foreclosure Prevention During COVID-19 

Credit Counseling & Foreclosure Prevention

Learn more about the Maryland HOPE Counseling Network created to assist distressed homeowners with safe and reliable information about their alternatives.