Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Comprehensive Housing Strategy

What is the Housing Opportunities For All Workgroup?


Developing an effective housing policy, comprised of strategies that develop housing for all, benefits the healthy, social, and economic development of the entire County. The Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup, established by Council Resolution-16- 2019, is charged with assisting the County with setting priorities and implementing the Comprehensive Housing Strategy Report, entitled "Housing Opportunity for All" for Prince George’s County. The purpose of the Workgroup is to provide advice on any proposed legislation and/or changes for consideration by the County to the County’s policies, regulations, procedures, and distribution of County resources.  

The Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup utilizes the Comprehensive Housing Strategy Report and other data resources to create the framework of a housing policy; create benchmarks to be monitored and distributed transparently; provide quarterly updates and submit an annual report by January 1st outlining activities, the status of implementation, and recommendations to be applied in the upcoming budget and calendar years.

What is the legislative history behind the formation of the Workgroup? 


The Prince George’s County Council established a Comprehensive Housing Strategy Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittee, by Council Resolution-13-2016, to work with the Department of Housing and Community Development, consultants, and citizen advisory groups to initiate and develop a Comprehensive Housing Strategy. 

After working with stakeholders over a two-year period, a County Comprehensive Housing Strategy Report, “Housing Opportunity for All,” was developed and finalized in March 2019.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, the County Council unanimously adopted CR-16-2019, establishing the Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup.

The initial term of Workgroup: Two years from the date of adoption for CR-16-2019. Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup may be reauthorized in subsequent years by Council Resolution. ​

How does the Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup benefit Prince George’s County?


There is value in having a Housing Opportunities for All Workgroup to assist Prince George’s County with the creation and monitoring of a Comprehensive Housing Policy, and provide guidance and assistance with implementing comprehensive strategies to promote and preserve housing for all; provide guidance and innovation in financing tools and redistribution of County resources; promote strategies for equitable access to healthcare, education, jobs, and transportation; and assist the County to assess barriers to fair, affordable, diverse and quality housing opportunities to meet the existing and future needs for the County’s diverse populations.