Credit Counseling & Foreclosure Prevention


Please visit the Home Owners Preserving Equity (HOPE) site for credit counseling and foreclosure prevention assistance.

State Support

Maryland is doing more than any other state in the region to help distressed homeowners. In 2007, it launched the Maryland HOPE Counseling Network to connect distressed homeowners with safe, reliable information about their alternatives and it ranks among the national leaders in making sure that settlement funds, federal funds and refinancing and modification opportunities make their way directly to homeowners.

Foreclosure Mediation Legislation

Maryland also was one of the first states to sign foreclosure mediation legislation, giving homeowners a chance to sit down with their lenders. And working with partners in the nonprofit sector, the state has helped more than 24,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure since 2009.

Agency Support

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) supports the statewide network of more than 30 nonprofit agencies that provide foreclosure prevention assistance and provides financial support and training to these agencies. These counselors are the critical link in assisting individuals facing foreclosures, acting as a resource to negotiate reasonable terms with mortgage employees, and advising citizens on the best actions to take to save their homes.


The Maryland Hope Hotline (877-462-7555) helps Marylanders connect with resources, including the Maryland HOPE Counseling Network. It can help them navigate the stress and confusion associated with being delinquent or at risk of becoming delinquent on a mortgage, or at some stage in the foreclosure process.


Finally, DHCD, in partnership with a range of non-profit and community groups, and elected officials, hold Foreclosure Prevention Workshops designed to connect homeowners with helpful resources and connect face-to-face with loan employees, pro-bono lawyers and housing counselors discover and find a way to realize their best options available.

Visit Maryland HOPE to learn how to access all of these resources, or call the Maryland Hope Hotline on 877-462-7555.

Additional Information

Please visit the Realty Trac website for a report, along with an interactive nationwide foreclosure heat map and other relevant charts and additional resources as needed.