Attorney Visits

Effective June 15, 2017, visitors to the facility are prohibited from entering with any of the following items: cellular telephones, laptop computers, tablet computers, smart watches and/or any electronic device that may be identified as a computerized device. Professional visitors, attorneys, volunteers, employees, and all other official visitors are required to receive prior written authorization from the Chief of Security, the Director, or her designee before entering the facility with electronic devices of any kind.

Attorneys may visit clients at any time other than during scheduled lockdown periods or emergencies. Attorneys who visit their clients at irregular hours will be required to call the On-duty Shift Commander 301-952-7028 to advise of the visit intent.

Attorneys will be required to show their bar card or proper identification. If the attorney does not have a bar card, but has a valid driver’s license, the Reception Officer will check the attorney book located at the Reception Center for official verification.

Attorneys who wish to visit several clients will tell the Reception Officer, who will call all involved housing unit officers, give the names of these clients and make them aware of the pending visit. Attorneys may visit in either the contact or non-contact visiting booths located in the housing units. Attorneys visiting their clients in the Processing Area will use the non-contact visiting booths.


Paralegals will be approved for attorney visits if it can be verified that they work for an attorney and that the attorney has requested they visit a designated inmate.


Bondsmen may visit their clients at any time other than lockdown periods or emergencies. They will use the non-contact visiting booths located in the housing units or the non-contact visiting booths in the Processing Area.