Telephone Calls

Inmates are encouraged to maintain ties with family and friends. Telephones are available to inmates most of the day and evening. The inmate telephone system allows for outgoing collect and debit calls only. The public cannot call into the facility to speak to an inmate. While being processed into the facility, inmates are given the opportunity to make telephone calls to family or bondsmen.

In the event there is an emergency in your family, such as a death or severe illness or injury to a family member, relatives of the inmate should contact the Department Chaplain at 301-952-7090. If the Chaplain is not in, you should leave a message and the Chaplain will return your call. If the emergency is urgent, you may contact the Operations Commander’s Office at 301-952-7028 and an officer will attempt to reach the chaplain on your behalf.

Telephone Accounts
To set up a telephone account to allow an inmate to call you, please call the service department of our vendor, Inmate Telephone Incorporated, at 1-888-949-3303. Visit Offender Connect if you have billing or service questions about the account, wish to check your account activity, or review and download your monthly statement. Once an account is created, you can go online to add money to it. You can also add money to the account at the two kiosks located in the Reception area at the Correctional Center.

The kiosks accept cash or credit cards; the Web site accepts only credit card deposits. Inmates may also make telephone calls using funds in their institutional account. The cost of these calls is debited out of their institutional account when they make the call. Offender Connect and the kiosks accept deposits into these institutional accounts as well as into telephone accounts.

There is a fee charged for each cash or credit card deposit you make into a telephone account. The fee schedule as of January 1, 2009 is as follows:

  • $2.50 for a cash deposit of any amount
  • $3.50 for a credit card deposit of $25 or less
  • $4.25 for a credit card deposit of $25.01 to $50
  • $5.50 for a credit card deposit of $50.01 to $100
  • $8.50 for a credit card deposit of $100.01 to $200.00
  • $11.50 for a credit card deposit of $200.01 to $300

There are also fees for depositing money into an inmate’s institutional account. Please see the section on “Inmate Money and Mail” for details.

Blocking Calls

To put a block on your phone so you will not receive any calls from the facility or from a specific inmate, you can follow the directions on the telephone message when you receive a call, or you can contact ITI Customer Service at 1-888-949-3303. You may also contact Information Services at the Department of Corrections at 301-952-7368 or 301-952-7002.