Guiding Principles

For the Prince George's County Department of Corrections:

  • Employees are required to conduct themselves in a profession manner at all times, through a commitment of actions that are fair, consistent and ethical.
  • Exhibiting high standards of moral, legal and ethical behavior, all employees are expected to maintain, on or off duty, integrity at the highest level.
  • Employees are accountable for excessive, unwarranted or unjustified behavior that reflects poorly on the employee, Department of Corrections and/or Prince George’s County.
  • Administrators, supervisors and managers are expected to provide leadership by example.
  • The Department of Corrections shall effectively and prudently use its resources, while maintaining compliance with all accreditation standards and certifications.
  • The Department of Corrections is committed to providing an environment that is responsive to progressive ideas, and promotes and maintains open communication, staff development and career growth.
  • The Department of Corrections shall maintain a clean, healthy, safe and secure facility for staff, visitors and inmates.
  • The Department of Corrections will continually promote cooperative and collaborative working relationships with governmental entities, community organizations and the public.